SYF Computer Solutions, Inc. - Affordable IT Services

SYF Computer Solutions, Inc. - Affordable IT Services

SYF Computer Solutions, Inc. - Affordable IT ServicesSYF Computer Solutions, Inc. - Affordable IT ServicesSYF Computer Solutions, Inc. - Affordable IT Services

Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

As you are all aware by now, the Coronavirus Pandemic is affecting all of us, in more ways than we could imagine.  Currently, Governor Wolf has ordered that SYF shut down business operations, until further notice.  This means that I cannot provide any onsite service to any home or business customer, until this order is rescinded.  I am also unable to open the physical office for business.  

We can , however, provide remote support services, or phone support throughout this shutdown.  

To access our remote support option, please click the button below.  

Charges for these services are listed below.

Remote and Phone Support Pricing

Bank Scam Update

NO! We did not withdraw money from your bank account.

If you had funds withdrawn from your bank under SYF Home Networking, this may very well be a payment to a Synchrony Bank Credit Line.  Please check with your bank, to find out if this is the case.  SYF Computer Solutions has NEVER automatically debited anyone's bank account, and all invoices provided to our customers are detailed in their description of services performed.

If your bank helps you determine that the withdrawal was not from Synchrony Bank, then someone using our name has been withdrawing funds your bank account.  If this has happened to you, please notify your bank that this is a fraudulent charge, and is not something that is owed to SYF Computer Solutions.  We have notified the proper authorities, but have no control over the process, unfortunately.


About Us


Why choose us?

SYF Computer Solutions has been providing IT solutions to small business and home users for over 15 years.  Solutions are our bottom line, so what can SYF Computer Solutions help you with today?


Our history

SYF Computer Solutions began as a part-time venture in 2001.  We moved to serving our customers as a full-time business in 2006.  We provide our services to the Western PA area.  We have developed a reputation for trustworthy, dependable service, and fair pricing.  If you have a business with less than 10 employees, we could be an ideal fit for you!


Our specialities

Providing affordable IT services

Networking for small offices or homes

Computer Repair done on-site and in our office

Web Design - affordable, professional

Data Recovery and Transfer

PC Setup

Virus Removal


Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, and we are often out of the office, providing our services to them.  Please feel free to call and leave us a voicemail, or simply fill out our contact section. Either way, we will be in touch quickly to help solve your problems!

SYF Computer Solutions, Inc.

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Saturday: By appointment

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